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Drag Models G1-G8

Direkon Ballistics Engine

Written by Derek Yates and exclusive to iSnipe™, the Direkon Ballistic Engine provides an extremely accurate ballistics library that has been highly optimized for the mobile platform. Direkon computes a 3-DOF ballistics solution including corrections for pitch, yaw, wind, weather and drag model to produce one of the most accurate trajectory tables in the industry.1

Wind and Angle Finder

Angle Measurements

We've tried to utilized as many built-in functionalities on the iPhone/iPod Touch as possible, the Angle and Wind Tool is a great example of that. Simply hold your device flat on a cool barrel (no one wants a melted iPhone) and aim at your target - it even has a built-in motion sensor! Just line everything up and remain still for a moment, iSnipe™ will automatically 'hold' or remember that still value, no need to keep an eye (or finger) on the screen while you get your shot aligned.

2 Color Themes New

Complementing Color Themes

Shooting in direct sunlight? Switch to the Sunrise theme to increase contrast, cut through glare and continue calculating even in the brightest environments... Or switch back to the Twilight theme to keep your position concealed and your eye-sight sharp in low-light. Whether the lighting conditions are optimal or not, iSnipe™ has a theme for the event.

Detailed Output


Compute At Distance isn't the only feature that received the "detailed" treatment... Indeed, click (or touch) on any row of a computed trajectory table and iSnipe™ will display a detailed report for that distance, including time to target, a visual Mil-Dot hold-over/hold-under, elevation and windage corrections in MOA, MILs and Clicks as well as a moving target slider that's capable of compensating up to 50 mile/h (80 km/h).

Landscape Table

Landscape Support

Even with all the amazing tools that iSnipe™ has to offer, browsing through a computed trajectory table is occasionally still necessary. To make things a little bit easier iSnipe™ supports viewing tables in landscape which increases font size, making everything a little easier to read.

Factory Ammo New

Massive Database

iSnipe™ comes pre-loaded with nearly 1500 bullets & airgun pellets as well as over 2400 factory ammunition profiles, including rifle and pistol loads - Click here to see them all. Starting in version 3, we now include the highly sought after LITZ values from the popular book Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting - by Bryan Litz. We've checked and re-checked our numbers against some of the best literature available2 to ensure you get the most accurate results possible.3

Weather Tool

Rain or Shine

No matter the weather, we've got you covered. Not only can iSnipe™ take the current conditions into consideration when calculating your trajectory, it can also automatically retrieve the nearest weather results from the web. If you're on an iPhone, that means up-to-the-minute results anywhere you have cell coverage.

Compute At Distance Tool

Compute At Distance

You've done your Mil-Dot ranging... you know exactly how far away your target is perched, all you need now is that single solution. Enter Compute At Distance. This extremely handy feature bypasses the often lengthy trajectory table and goes right to a detailed output for your desired range. To top it off, iSnipe™ displays a visual sight picture with the needed Mil-Dot hold-over/hold-under for your requested range with the ability to enter moving target speeds quickly and easily.

Range-Finder Tool

Range Finder

Utilizing the camera on the iPhone, iSnipe™ is capable of ranging a given target out to 400+ yards. Included in this useful tool is a list of commonly found targets and their corresponding heights organized in a convenient quick-load list. And if that weren't enough, our distance-specific details screen is only a button push away.4

Pretty Graphs

Detailed Graphs

What would a table full of numbers be, if it didn't include some pretty graphs to help show it off. We're not sure and we don't think you should have to find out.

1 In a direct comparison with JBM Ballistics (considered by many to be one of the best), iSnipe™ produces values within 0.06 MOA at 1000 yards - less than 3/4 in.
2 B.C.'s verified using "Ammo & Ballistics 3 - For Hunters, Shooters, and Collectors - Third Edition©" & "Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting" where possible.
3 For precision results it is highly recommended to chronograph your ammo (factory or hand-load) and calculate your own B.C. using an online tool like JBM.
4 Feature not available on the iPod Touch due to the lack of a camera. Range Finder distances should always be verified by some other means to ensure a humane kill.

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