Q: Will iSnipe™ work without an Internet/Cellular connection?

Most certainly; iSnipe™ is a fully functional Native iOS app. Internet access will allow you to download current weather conditions for your area (as well as backup saved profiles to our online server), but these can always be entered manually or turned off completely if desired.

Q: Can I use iSnipe™ with my Reloaded Ammo?

Definitely; iSnipe™ allows you to edit each and every value used for computation, and even allows you to save custom profiles to re-use at a later date.

Along with the over 2500 ammunition profiles, our database also includes over 1500 profiles for just bullets/projectiles alone. Simply enter the Muzzle Velocity for the charge that you're using and iSnipe™ will take care of the rest.

For more info, and to see iSnipe™ in action, check out our free Video Tutorials.

Q: What magnification settings does the Mil-Dot Details Screen assume?

Typically it's the 10X magnification setting, though we've seen scopes that use numerous other zoom levels, so it's best to check your manual or contact the manufacturer to be sure.

Often times this setting is referred to as the Mil-Dot Ranging Magnification or Mil-Dot Ranging Zoom Level.

For more info, and to see iSnipe™ in action, check out our free Video Tutorials.

Q: What kind of Pressure reading is iSnipe™ asking for?

First, let's start by going over the proper terminology for the two pressure results which are pertinent to shooting:

  • Station Pressure - a.k.a Uncorrected Pressure, or Absolute Pressure - this reading does not take altitude into account and at higher elevations will generally be lower than sea-level readings.
  • Barometric Pressure - a.k.a Corrected Pressure, or Sea-level Pressure - this reading takes into account the current altitude and so long as weather conditions are similar, will generally provide readings equal to that of sea-level. This is the type of reading reported by the National Weather Service and other weather reporting agencies and services (i.e. Your local weather report).

iSnipe™ currently computes using Barometric Pressure which is then corrected using your altitude (manually entered or retrieved via GPS).

For more info, and to see iSnipe™ in action, check out our free Video Tutorials.

Q: After loading ammo from the iSnipe™ database the B.C. is showing up as "Litz"... What gives?

In iSnipe™ v3.0 and up, we've included ballistic coefficients that were measured by a talented ballistician named Bryan Litz. Bryan has written an excellent book that helps explain the complexities of modern ballistics in terms that us "mere mortals" can understand. The book is titled Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting and along with a wealth of information, included are 175+ expertly measured Ballistic Coefficients using the G7 drag model.

If you'd like to access the actual numerical values for these B.C.'s please purchase Bryan's book, so that you may better understand the data you're using as well as gain a better understanding about modern ballistics in general. We don't gain anything by endorsing Bryan's products, we just strongly believe that all long range shooters should read his book at some point or another.

Q: Why is my GPS position/Weather results not showing my actual location?

Location Services are handled directly by the iOS System Software and as such, iSnipe™ has little control over the accuracy of these results. To find out more, please read Apple's support page on the topic -

Additionally, it's important to understand that the Elevation/Altitude reading on a ANY GPS is not as accurate the Lat/Long position. It requires some fairly complicated math to understand fully, but this is in-fact the case.

Q: What is a "Drag Function" and which one should I choose?

Most ammo manufacturers publish their ballistic data using the G1 drag function or drag model. There exists several drag models though (G1, G2, G5, G6, G7, G8, GL, GS, RA4, the original Krupp, and more), each describes a different shaped bullet - G1 being the current 'standard' comparison shape. Oddly, the G1 bullet shape bears little resemblance to today's more advanced VLD boat-tail rounds and so ammo manufacturers are forced to convert their ballistic data from the bullets native model to the G1 drag model.

They do this because the equation for the G1 drag model results in a higher Ballistic Coefficient value... this does not mean that one drag model is necessarily better than another, what can said is that using a bullets native ballistic coefficient (meaning, if a bullet is shaped like a G5, use a G5 BC - if it's shaped like a G7, use a G7) will always render a more accurate result.

Here is a quick example: A bullet manufacturer has published a G1 BC of 0.659 for their 7 mm Match Target VLD bullet. The same bullet has a G7 BC of 0.337. For the untrained person, the G1 "looks" to be a better number because of its higher numerical value and it's because of this that manufacturers often choose to publish G1 coefficients. The irony here is that using the proper G7 B.C. will result in a more accurate result for the long-range shooter.

The majority of people will continue to use the standard G1 drag model, but there are some bullets in our database, as well as additional factory ammo available, that use a G7 B.C. by default.

For more reading on the topic, check out Fr. Frog's Short Course in External Ballistics.

Q: iSnipe has become unresponsive and won't seem to close... What do I do?

From time to time you may find a bug within iSnipe that renders it unresponsive. While we do our very best to debug each release, inevitably there will always be something that slips though. In these cases, simply force-quit iSnipe from the Multitasking Tray and begin using iSnipe again.

    Instructions for Force-Quitting an iOS App:
  • If iSnipe is still onscreen, press the Home Button to close iSnipe and return to the Home Screen.
  • From the Home Screen, click the Home Button twice to bring up the Multitasking Tray.
  • Tap and hold on the iSnipe icon.
  • When it starts to jiggle, tap the - to fully quit iSnipe.
  • Click the Home Button to close the Multitasking Tray.
  • iSnipe should now open successfully.
Q: I sent you an email but have not heard back, what gives?

In the past we received a surprising amount of email that either had no return email address or an email addresses that was incorrectly entered (and subsequently bounces-back with a "User does not exist").

We encourage anyone that has submitted questions (but has not yet received a reply) to please try again, as we have made changes to our Email page to reduce the possibility of this reoccurring in the future.

Q: Do you make a Mac/Windows/Linux/Android/Palm/Etc... version?

Currently iSnipe™ is supported on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with no plans to develop for other platforms in the near future. We have been looking at a few alternative platforms for a while now, but still have not made any decisions one way or another.

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