iSnipe™ is the original ballistics calculator app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, now available on Android as well. Using our exclusive Direkon Ballistics Library, iSnipe™ generates military grade 3-DOF solutions for small arms trajectories, including corrections for Pitch, Yaw, Wind, Coriolis/Eötvös Effect, Spin Drift and Atmospheric Conditions.

Simply put; a ballistics computer is a calculator used to predict a bullets path / energy / wind-drift / etc... For shooting enthusiasts, this means the ability to pre-determine how, where and at what speeds your bullets will fly, before you even open your gun safe.

Created with ease of use in mind, iSnipe™ is the perfect companion for Military/Law-Enforcement Officers, Competition Shooters and Gun Aficionados alike. With all the ingredients you'd expect from a portable ballistics calculator, including the ability to save and load ammo/firearm/shooting range profiles, automatic save of form values and all the other features you'd expect from an integrated Mobile app, there is no better way to get on target every time. Finally there is a portable desktop quality application that we can all take along with us to the range.

iSnipe Screenshot

Available on the iPhone App Store

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